Incentives/Opp Bags

Team ranking gifts, new member gifts and incentives
Care Club supplies and BLOOM supplies.

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  • Ranking Gifts

    Or gifts just because! It's always fun receiving rewards for hard work.

    Here is a great selection of gifts for your members as they climb the rank ladder of success! 

    We are constantly adding new gift ideas and retiring others so make sure to check back often 
    or join our facebook group so you don't miss out!

  • Bloom & Care Club...

    Supplies and cool findings for your Bloom and Care Club Members.

    Bloom is an exclusive group for Young Living members on facebook that helps you walk thru the first
    three months with your new member on their new oily journey.

    Care club is about relationship building, communicating with your downline members and planting
    seeds for their future.

  • Opportunity Bags

    Have you ever been out and about, doing your daily routine, and somehow strike up
    a conversation with someone about oils, only to realize that you don't have anything
    with you to present to them the opportunity that Young Living has to offer?

    With these opportunity bags, that will never happen again!

    Choose from pre-made or select the items you want to make your own.  We've got it all.