DIY Supplies

Roller bottles, spray bottles, labels, droppers, containers and more.

If you are doing a DIY, we got ya covered!

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  • Roller Ball Bottles

    Roller ball bottles comes in all sizes and colors and are a great way to
    make your own custom Essential Oil blends to carry with you on the go!

    We offer sizes ranging from 2ml and up, in over 20 colors and with
    plastic, stainless steel or gemstone roller fitments.

    Come check them out!

  • Just Breathe

    From 'sniffy sticks' to glass nasal sprayers and anything
    we can find in between, let us keep you stocked with 
    all the goodies you need to just breathe.

    ~ Coming Soon....Diffusers! ~

  • Atomizers & Spray Bottles

    Create on the go perfumes in our 10ml spritzers, hand purifying samplers
    in our 2ml mini atomizers, household cleansers in our 16oz glass spray
    bottles and so much more.

    We have sizes from 2ml on up because one size does not fit all!

  • Pump and Dropper Styles

    Have you ever needed a dropper bottle and just couldn't
    find the right size?  Look no further.

    We have 1ml to 4oz dropper bottles as well as cream pumps,
    foaming soap pumps and even sampler sized pump bottles.

    All glass or PET plastic for safe use with your Essential Oils.

  • Vinyl Labels

    Spruce up your bottles and containers with cute little labels!

    We offer both generic and customs labels in a wide variety 
    of colors options and fonts.

    Need a large order?  Please feel free to contact us.

  • Recipe Books
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items